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Khamis, 30 Oktober 2014

The Love Story

This is a love story. 
With a subtle unconscious tragedy that has been comes to remain as a challenge to these sweet couple. They realise the obstacle that has slowly attack their future relationship but they also made a step where the ordinary couple didn't make it. 

That step's is called 'the discussion'. The two pigeons keep try and try to solve their problem but up until now, the solution still in obscurity status. For them, they need some times to recover these conflict but for other people, they might think that there are in a big problem.

Can these two pigeons carve their smile back for the sake of their future? The young adorable woman and the young gentleman finally decided to make a dua's. "Let us pray", say the woman. "Let Allah do the rest, for the best of our path". The man nod his head and dua in his heart, with full of hope.

psst/ hmm, I think this story have a bit sync with this song. maybe?

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